Growing Growing Gone: Loonie Toonie Sale


Growing Growing Gone has brought back their Loone Toonie sale where a whole bunch of clothes have been discounted to $1 or $2! You seriously cannot beat a deal like that and they have some really sweet stuff so check it out and stock up on a bunch of kids clothes for mere toonies!

My favourites of this sale are:

Just some great stuff. Check out the deals!


  • liz
    i was very interested in this, and put a few things in my cart, but then when i went to check out, the shipping was going to cost more than what i was buying. it was going to be $14 to ship to me. so i'm going to have to think on this one.
  • Jennifer
    Hi Liz - thanks for your comment. Growing Growing Gone has always had a flat rate shipping fee. We ship by Canada Post Expedited so you will have the security of a tracking number. Unfortunately Canada Post has increased their rates in the last year and we have had to match. I do hope you check us out and if you order I bet you would find that the cost that Canada Post charges on the package is very close if not above what we charge to ship it to you. We always look forward to customer feedback.

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