GreenMan Gaming: Weekend Hot Deals - Up to 60% off Select Games

8 September 2012

GreenMan is great at opening my eyes to new games. Unfortunately I'm not a PC gamer but for those of you who are, you have got to check out this latest sale!

There are 15 games on sale. Here are a few of them:

Again GreenMan is giving us some excellent deals on games that we may not have seen under normal circumstances. The games on sale vary from racing to arcade flight simulator but there seems to be a really heavy emphasis on the point and click adventure.It also seems like a lot of the games have ridiculously low system requirements. This is one of the hallmarks of the old fashioned "big adventure" games.

I want to zero in on a couple of games in specific that absolutely blew me away with the amount of praise they got. Syberia and Syberia 2 are absolutely adored by the reviewers and have really high Metascores as well. Like I said, the requirements are ludicrously low. In the case of these games, they need a Pentium III 350MHz processor. Crazy!

Even with all that praise you really have to be a fan of the point-and-click adventure genre. If names like Sam and Max hit the Road, Simon the Sorcerer, Discworld and Day of the Tentacle wrap you in warm, fuzzy nostalgia then this sale is for you.

On a 100% non-deal related note, if you do love adventure games I highly suggest checking out Pendulo  Studios and, more specifically, their "Runaway" series of games. Magnifique!

I know we have some old school Moosers out there. What games point-and-click adventure games do you love? Let us know in the comments. Bargainmoose loves to hear from you!

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