The Elder Scrolls PC Games up to 75% off!

6 October 2012

The Elder Scrolls series is one of the most beloved out there and we want you to love it too! That's why we're bringing you this deal from GamersGate. So go, love, game.

There are five games/expansions/editions and an eGuide available for this sale. Here they are:

I'm not going to lie to you. Well, that's not true. I'm sure at some point I'll lie to you eventually. Trust me though, it'll be better this way. What? Where am I?

Never mind. My first experience with The Elder Scrolls Series was a few weeks after Skyrim came out. I went out and bought Oblivion and started to play. I, as I've mentioned before, have very, very little time to game and I fell in to a period where I didn't play at all. Since then, I picked up another game and have left Oblivion alone but it is on my list of stuff to pick up again. It's a fantastic game and I really enjoy playing it. The graphics are a bit ganky because it's an older game now but still very fun.

I started playing it because one of my colleagues was just going off on how awesome Skyrim is. I, being cheap, decided to get Oblivion then pick up Skyrim when the price has come down. I'm that cheap.

Morrowind includes expansions as does Oblivion and Oblivion Deluxe includes some more content that you can check out on the GamersGate website. Skyrim is standalone and Dawnguard is one of its expansions. The Skyrim eGuide is an online version of the guide for Skyrim. I recommend the guide. I have it for Oblivion and it is incredibly handy!

(Expires: Unknown, says it is "The Elder Scrolls Week" so maybe Sunday)

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