EA Origin: 50% Off Battlefield 4 + Savings on Other Battlefield Games

20 February 2014


Get Battlefield 4, the hottest of the new hotness for only $29.99 from EA Origin!

This really is the hottest FPS out there right now. CoD: Ghosts is trying but in my professional opinion, it can't compete. Which is why EA selling Battlefield 4 at such a deep discount is so awesome. It's not like this game isn't already selling a ton of copies!

There are actually three versions of the game on sale. Well, two really. I'll explain after the jump.

The reason I say BF4 + Premium isn't really on sale is because you're still paying $50 for premium and $30.28 for the game so it's basically the same as buying the game on sale then getting premium. This is, of course, a PC digital download so there is no shipping and even better, no waiting!

(Expires: 28th February 2014)

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