Chapters Canada: 3 for $10 Googly Eyed Board Books

10 September 2012

Though not an amazing earth-shattering deal, Chapters has a nice little deal on Googly Eyed Board Books. Get 3 for $10.

Actually, where the great deal lies is in getting all 9 Googly Eyed Board Books. Follow me.

If you get 3 books for $10, you can get 9 for $30. That will save you 1.37 (for members) x 3 = $4.11 in total. Then you use the coupon code SEPT2012 to get $5 off $30.

In the end you get all 9 Googly Eyed books for $25 with free shipping. You save $9.11, which is more than a dollar per book you are saving.

I think the Googly Eyed books make good gifts, and 9 books for $25 is an excellent deal, and still affordable enough that you can give the set as a gift without your pockets feeling too much lighter.

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  • Krista W.
    My kids would love these books! They are adorable!

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