BigFishGames Coupon Code: Mystery Case Files: Huntsville For $1.79


For 1 day only, is offering a download of the game Mystery Case Files: Huntsville for only $1.79, instead of the regular price of $6.99.

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  • Coupon Code: mcfhunt179
  • Discount: Huntsville for $1.79
  • Terms: New customers only
  • Expires: 12th November 2010

I already had a BigFishGames account, but I have only ever downloaded their free games, I've never been a paying customer. So I tested this coupon code out in my cart, and it appeared to work well. If you've bought games from BigFishGames before, then it may not work on your existing account.

I've played Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst for free, and it was a nice little game, to while away a few hours. I know that some people think these kind of "hidden object" games are a bit of a waste of time, but they are a nice break for me, a chance to turn off my brain for a bit while hunting for pineapples, scorpions, wrenches, arrowheads, parrots, vases, or a multitude of other items!

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