Admiral Road Canada: $5 Off Coupon Code


Admiral Road Canada has once again favoured us with a $5 off coupon on a blanket order! They make wonderful fleece blankets for babies, kids, and adults (and even one for your pet)! You can buy them either plain or personalized!

  • Coupon Code: ARDSUMMER10
  • Discount: $5 off blanket order
  • Expires: August 1st

They just released a brand new personalized style called the Personalized Bloom Blanket for baby girls and I really have to say it's my favourite.

Their blankets start at $49 for non-personalized so at the base price this coupon gives you 10% off! They can also go in the washer and dryer so no matter what you or your kid does to that blanket: be it throw-up, mud, dog hair, grape juice... it requires no special treatment! Would make a lovely gift.

If you don't need a fleece blanket, check out their 'Fun Stuff' link. They have printable colouring pages, games, fun facts about animals, and invitations!

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