GamersGate: Prince of Persia Weekend Sale (Up to 88% off)

22 September 2012

GamersGate has a fan favorite series on sale this weekend and the discounts are deep. Make sure you check it out if you like fun and awesome. If you don't like fun and awesome, you're in the wrong place.

Each of the five games in the series is available for PC and two of them are available for Mac. You can also get all five games in a bundle for about the same price as buying them all individually. These are the games available:

In addition to these, you can get Prince of Prince The Forgotten Sands Digital Collectors Edition and the Prince of Persia Collection. It should also be noted that you need a free Ubisoft account and a persistent internet connection to play Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands.

A lot of people don't know that these Prince of Persia games are actually not the originals. There was a previous trilogy that started as an Apple II game in 1989. Over the next few years it was adapted to a bunch of other platforms until the second game, Prince of Persia 2The Shadow and the Flame, was released for MS-DOS in 1993. That game was also ported to some other platforms. The final game of the first trilogy was Prince of Persia 3D which was released in 1999 for Windows then for Dreamcast the next year. This is where the new series comes into play with the five games I mentioned plus some other, non-PC games.

When The Sands of Time came out, it was quite unique. It relied mainly on cool moves like wall runs and wall jumps to get through the game. Another cool feature is the time manipulation which lets you slow down time, rewind up to 10 seconds or even freeze an enemy in time. I don't know how much the time manipulation factors into the other four games but I know that it is present in at least one of the sequels, possibly all the games.

These games all got good reviews (some excellent, some just good) and I know there are a lot of people who really dig the series. For $2.50 each, there is almost no reason not to get them.

(Expires: Unsure but likely some time on 23 SEPT 2012)

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