TeamSnap: Free Trial Premium Account Of The Best Way To Manage Your Team

This is the best thing to come to sports teams since the invention of teamwork by the great co-operator, Heinrich T. Von Eamwork, and you get to try the premium version for FREE!

I very rarely get excited for new apps, especially when they are tied to services I have absolutely no use for, but this is just really cool. Basically, what TeamSnap is, is a service that lets you manage your sports team. You can mass message them to tell them of changes to practices and games, see who is available and not available, check weather, share team photos, manage team fees, see who is bringing the team snacks, manage stats and organize contacts.

It's really quite remarkable what they have done with this service and the corresponding free Android and iOS apps. It's very well thought out and they seem to have thought of everything you could ever need to run a team. It's innovation like this that makes the app economy viable.

The service is totally free, but you can upgrade to Basic ($6.95/month or $55/year per team) or Premium ($9.95/month or $79/year per team). When you sign up for their free service you get a free trial of their Premium service for FREE!

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