Orange Julius Free Printable Coupon For $1 Discount On Smoothies!

UPDATE: I'm bumping up this older thread with the newest coupon from Orange Julius. It's for the same as below, a $1 discount on any premium smoothies, and it will last until the 4th of January 2009.

I got a rather handy printable coupon from Orange Julius today. The free coupon is worth a $1 discount off the cost of any of their Premium Fruit Smoothies in store. They’re pictured the “Merry Berry” smoothie on their coupon, and it looks delicious! There’s a store locator on their website if you want to find the one closest to you.

If you are a regular customer, you could even consider buying the gift cards – I don’t necessarily mean as a gift, I mean to use for yourself. Because if you buy a $20 gift card, they give you a free coupon for a free 20oz premium fruit smoothie. You can’t order this online though, that’s only available to US customers, but you can ask in-store and pick it up there.

The coupon expires on the 14th of December 2008, so doesn’t last very long.

I'm not a huge fan of smoothies, maybe they're too healthy in my mind! I do like plain ones, just strawberries and watermelon or something, but I don't like it when they add things like spices or ginger etc.

What do you think?

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