McDonalds Canada: $1 Drinks All Summer Long

13 April 2011

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Fountain drinks and even iced coffees are just $1 for any size at McDonald's Canada starting 19 April 2011! This promotion will be running all summer long, until 6 September 2011.

I'll definitely be taking advantage of this deal on iced coffees. That's a great price for a coffee treat, and better yet, it's all summer long!

(Expires 6 September 2011)

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  • bob Why is it I was charged $3.68 for a large ice coffee when the add say's $1.00. please clarify, I await your response.
    • Anna Waters EDITOR
      Maybe you'd better contact McDonalds?
    • Terri
      It's small and medium only
      • Terri
        for the iced coffee, any size for the fountain drinks
  • Louise G.
    I was at the Beaconsfield McDonald's on St. Charles Boulevrd in Quebec. I wanted a large diet coke and they wanted to charge me full price. According tot hem the promotion for 1$ drinks ended on Setember 1, 2011. This is false advertising on behalf of MCDonald's Canada. I know you will never read this and really don't care about it, however, you just lost me as a customer because of your false advertising. To top it off, the McDonald's in Beaconsfield still have the signs up promoting 1$ drinks ,but refuses to honor until the 6th as so called advertised on your site????????????????
    • Anna Waters EDITOR
      Louise, you really should contact McDonalds themselves about customer service issues. And this is not an advert.

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