2Chix Maternity Clothes – Coupon Code for 40% discount!


2Chix Maternity is a smallish Canadian owned and operated “maternity wear” site. They have released this special promo code for 72 hours only. Here’s the info:

Where: Online @ 2Chix Maternity

Discount: 40% off everything

Coupon code: 40472

Expires: Friday, August 26, 2008

40% discount on everything is quite a hefty discount in my book!!

If you have just fallen preggers and are starting to feel the pressure on your regular clothes, 2Chix is definitely worth a browse for some expansion wear! I particularly like their t-shirts with slogans on them, such as “Preg-Zilla”. I’ll be buying some of their maternity clothes when it happens to me!

- Anna

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  • Tanya
    If you like the 2Chix t-shirts and are bummed out that this offer expired you can WIN one from Ella Bella Maternity Boutique on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150495942333507&set=a.407817993506.185340.86491328506&type=1&theater The contest closes January 22, 2012

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