Petcetera: $20 off $60 Printable Coupon

22 February 2011


Get $20 off a purchase of $60 or more at Petcetera. That is equal to 33% off, an excellent value coupon for a pet store.

I am tempted to send my hubby over there to price out cat litter. Cat litter can get very expensive, and the only kind I can really stand is the Maxx Scoop Small Spaces litter (pic above), which is very very expensive. But we have a 2 bedroom apartment and I don't like smelling the litter when I come in, and between all the brands we have tried, this stuff is best. But my cat goes through it like crazy, she uses the litter box like 10 times a day... she will go through 14 kg of litter by herself in a month. O.o Is that normal?

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