New Petcetera Coupon For $10 Off $25…

12 February 2009

We’ve had a few Petcetera coupons in the past… time for another one! Once again, it’s a discount coupon for a $10 reduction on your pet supplies purchases of $25 or more.

Click here to print out your free printable coupon for Petcetera Canada.

I don’t have any pets, but some family members do, and I know they can be super-expensive to keep. Discounts like this are bound to help! This free coupon expires on the 15th of February, 2009!

I did once have a pet, it was a flea called Murray, but he wasn’t very expensive to upkeep. In fact, he didn’t really cost me anything. He came to my ownership from some hippy in a train, and stayed with me until that horrible accident which we won’t mention here. Sometimes, he used to whisper little orders in my ear which I felt obliged to carry out, such as “Don’t have a shower for 5 days” or the more common, “Rub some chocolate on your head.” He was a great friend, he was always with me when times were tough! I miss Murray!

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P.P.P.P.P.S. Nothing. Just kidding.


  • HM
    Thank you for this! I spend lots of money in petcetera so it will help me out...............
  • Mike
    Me too, i've printed it out :) Thanks
  • Anna
    Aww you're welcome guys!

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