Weightwatchers Canada: No Membership Fee!


If you are interested in joining Weightwatchers Canada, this week would be a good time to do so. They are waiving their $39.95 join fee, when you take out the 3 month savings plan!

So when you click the above link, you should see the 3 month plan for Weightwatchers Canada, with the waived membership fee, at a total of $65.85. Before this deal, it was $61 for 1 month, so I think this is a very good offer. The current offer works out at $21.95 per month.

If you are trying to get slim for the summer vacations, maybe Weightwatchers is a good idea!

I've never actually been a member of a club like Weightwatchers Canada. I've never had the need to before… but now that I am having the baby, I might need their help to get trim again after she is born!

We have a few good members reviews about Weightwatchers in this previous thread. Have a read of them if you are contemplating joining.

(Unknown expiry)


  • Karen
    Just putting my two cents in! I did WW online, and was very successful with it, unfortunately I fell off the bandwagon afterwards, but I would highly recommend it, and the no sign up fee is a great bonus, because $40 is better in your pocket than in someone elses!
    • Anna
      Thanks Karen! Plus KnightLova over on Twitter just tweeted me this: "Just read your blog on WW! I joined 10 weeks ago & have lost 20.8 lbs! It really does work" Excellent!
      • Karen
        Anna, how do you know this ends today? I cannot see any expiry date on the site??
        • Anna
          It was in a promotional email from them. The offer was running last week too, they extended it for a week though, and it is due to end today.
        • Anna
          Now been informed that it has been extended to the end of the month!
  • Barbara
    Hi I tried to sign up for the FREE registration, and it does not seem to be true. I am being charged $84.95 for 3 months
    • Anna
      This deal is from April 2010, is over now :)
      • Barbara
        But they are advertizing it on the radio on a local station

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