I Want My Life Back [PIC]

Going off topic, but I saw this smart image on Flickr and I wanted to share! bioxid has made this collaged sentence, made from letters of lots of popular websites. How many do you recognise? I'll list the ones I know below - help me out with the rest.


I - twitter

W - twitter
A - ebay
N - msn
T - youtube

M - gmail
Y - yahoo

L - ?
I - flickr
F - facebook
E - ebay

B - blogger
A - yahoo
C - facebook
K - flickr
! - yahoo


  • Shayne
    The C and K in back are both from facebook, I believe. Maybe the i, too. They look very similar.
  • Anna
    I think you're right about the C, not sure about the K though ?
  • Teresa
    E is from Ebay I think
  • Paul
    n - is MSN k - flickr
  • Anna
    Added those in :)
  • anam
    the 'i' is from flickr the first 'a' is from typepad i think
  • Chad
    This is a month-old. You're slow on the Internet.
  • anam
    ps the 'l' is from 'looklater' a bookmark extension for firefox now dafunkt. http://lifehacker.com/140428/looklater-private-online-bookmarks
  • lisa
    Maybe the m is myspace
  • Anna
    @anam - you're right about the i from flickr, but don't think the a is from typepad, and the L from looklater looks a bit different? @Chad - does it matter? I'm just sharing a bit of fun.
  • Tasha
    I think the first 'a' is from ebay

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