$5 USD Special Needs Education Online Courses at International Open Academy @ Groupon

$5 USD, Learn More About Special Needs

Have you ever wanted to learn more about special needs? The information that that a person can learn from the International Open Academy Special Needs Education online course (when purchased through Groupon.com) definitely sounds as though it could be beneficial for some parents and caregivers. The regular price is $299 USD, but for only $5 USD (around $6.42 CAD) you can purchase one course (of the three available courses), or pay $9 USD for two courses, or $12 USD for all three.

Choose from Five Options (All pricing is in USD):
$5 for one special needs education certification course ($299 value)
$5 for one dyslexia therapist certification course ($299 value)
$5 for one autism awareness certification course ($299 value)
$9 for two of the above courses ($598 value)
$12 for all three courses ($897 value)

The courses are taken online, and each lasts around 50 hours. All three courses are accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standards (ICOES) and you can receive a a certificate in special needs education, dyslexia therapy, or autism awareness.

I think a person could make good use of this course to further educate themselves, even if solely for their own personal knowledge of special needs.

Some of us have children with special needs, or some have a close family member or friend that has a child who has special needs. Awareness and Understanding of special needs and the various elements behind it all are a good way to express support to a child with special needs, as well as to their caregivers and teachers!

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