Coupons That I Need Vs Coupons That I Have

OK the latest graphjam made me laugh a little bit, so I thought I’d share.

True? Not true??


  • Sunny
    You know, I think it's true. I find myself buying things often just because I have a coupon (even if it's for 50 cents off). They are things that I don't really need and I would not purchase otherwise. So I think companies have a good strategy that way to make you buy stuff.
  • JoyJoy
    I think the "save lots of money" circle should be smaller since most items purchased with coupons aren't needed but we think we should buy them because it looks like a bargain since we have a coupon. In the end we aren't really "saving" any money.
  • wench
    there should be one that says "found coupon after paying full price!!"
  • Meg F.
    Great diagram! I'm proud to be frugal but rarely use coupons for just the same reasons!
  • Sharon M.
    I use coupons all the time. And I save alot of money with them. Sometimes I'll even walk up and down the grocery store aisles just looking for coupons. I always take a few of each if it is something I'll use, then I wait until it comes on sale. With the sale price and the coupon off that I can save 20-30% off the bill.

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