Bargainmoose Contest: Agoo Leggings Giveaway


*** Contest now closed ***

Agoo Leggings has recently introduced a new spring range and to celebrate, they are offering 1 of the Bargainmoosers the chance to win 8 pairs!  The full value of this prize is $96.

They've also got a new promo code for a whopping 50% discount too, if you're interested in buying.

Click here to shop online @ Agoo Leggings

  • Coupon Code: meetup50
  • Discount: 50% off
  • Expires: Unknown

So whether you have a kid yourself, or you know of a friend who would love this prize as a gift, have a think about entering the contest. :)

How to enter:

Visit Agoo Leggings and choose your favourite design, leaving its name in a comment below on Bargainmoose.

For a bonus entry, tweet about this contest and leave your twitter link below as well.

And if you want another entry, make sure you are subscribed to the Bargainmoose email updates.


  • Canadian entrants only
  • One type of entry per household
  • Ends 29th March 2011


  • Krissy
    butterfly meadow
  • Patricia
    I love the butterfly meadow leggings, so nice and springy!
  • joy
    Can't pick a favourite!
  • StephanieJ
    I love the colour of the All About Me leggings, and I can't resist a good stripe!
  • Jori
    LOVE the Girl Power ones!!
  • Melissa
    Can't decide between the Retro Bullseye and Girl Power ones! Yet they are all so cute!
  • Nancy
    Full of Fun They'd be great for my boys and girls!
  • Dini
    I love the Perch, Peeps, and Polly ones. Those penguins are so very cute!
  • Stephanie
    I also like the Girl Power ones-but all of the designs are so cute!!
  • Carla
    I like the Lavender Stripe leggings
  • Carla
    I'm a daily email subscriber
  • Lesley
    Really like the Candy Argyle - too cute!!
  • Helaina
    Penny the Peacock for sure!! They are all adorable:)
  • Stephanie
    My favourite design is nature walk.
  • Nicola
    Love the go go gecko!
  • Lisa
    They're all fabulous - but I think the kick back ones would be great to wear with his and her soccer uniforms
  • Steve
    I love the Candy Argyle, my daughter would love them....
  • Molly
    LOVE the Regal Bullseyes!
  • Carolyne
    Lavender Stripe !
  • Mel
    retro bullseye
  • jessica
    the butterfly meadow leggings is my fav jessicatang90 at hotmail dot com
  • jessica
    your email subscriber jessicatang90 at hotmail dot com
  • jessica
    tweet jessicatang90 at hotmail dot com
  • Jill
    I love the candy argyle! My niece would love them for sure.
  • Emma B.
    I like the wheel power ones for my little guy. :)
  • Sarah
    I am always looking for funky leggings for my funky girl! Penny the Peacock would be totally awesome! thanks
  • Mona V.
    I love the regal bullseye!
  • Heather
    I love them all, they are all so cute - but the Candy Argyle pattern is my favourite.
  • nicole c.
    lavender stripe
  • Tasha
    Candy Argyle is definitely the cutest!!
  • Pat
    butterfly meadow
  • Kirsten
    Regal Bullseye
  • Kirsten
    Subscribe to email updates.
  • aussie m.
    Penny the Peacock!
  • Samantha
    I love them all, favorite is girl power!
  • Gen
    My favorite: Pinky Bullseye!
  • Rocketgirl
    Candy Argyle!
  • Nalini
    Candy Argyle and Gigi the Giraffe!!
  • Amy B.
    I love the Candy Argyle style!
  • Melody
    Very Baby!
  • Amy B.
    My tweet: thanks
  • Amy B.
    I'm an email subscriber at amymbrown at thanks
  • Sabrina
    Look at me!!!
  • Jen
    I love the Candy Argyle leggings!
  • Sher
    Cute! I like Penny Peacock and Perch, Peep and Polly!
  • Jenn M.
    I just came back from Disney where we went to Animal Kingdom for the first time, and I discovered I LOVE giraffes, so my fav design is the cute little giraffes. :-)
  • Janice
    I had a hard time choosing, but I think I will go with Helga the Hippo! I am an email subscriber.
  • Jenn M.
    I tweeted here -!/payingmyself/status/50569722231660544
  • Katie
    I love "Gigi the Giraffe"!
  • Emandeli
    I like the kickback ones!
  • Leanne B.
    The Candy Argyle is super cute! Would love to win!
  • Kim S.
    I love purple, so Ed the Elephant for me :)
  • Amy J.
    gigi the giraffe is by far the cutest!
  • Elizabeth
    What a great contest! I love Nature Walk for my little boy.
  • Ashley
    Look at me
  • S
    The Dino bebe ones for sure!!
  • Jend
    Puzzle fun looks fun n funky especially if it was on my monkey!
  • Carris
    I like the Yellow Giraffe ones. So Cute!
  • Shannon
    I love the Retro Bullseye!
  • Cheryl
    Butterfly Garden
  • Denika
    I LOVE the animal leggings. My favorite would have to be Gigi the Giraffe.
  • Audrey M.
    I Love the lavander stripes! These are so cute!
  • leslie
    cute stuff. i love the go go gecko's ... for fun!
  • Peanut
    Black Cabaret
  • Karen
    We love, love ,love, the Candy Argyle :)
  • sandra p.
    Dino bebe are the sweetest
  • Erynne
    I think the Golden Scroll leggings are cute and the colour is so spring-y!
  • Erica
    I love retro bullseye
  • Michelle n.
    My daughter says Ed the Elephant is her favorite....and the Snowflake!
  • Laura
    I love the butterfly garden leggings! My twin girls would look soooo cute in these leggings!
  • Cindy
    Wheel Power is adorable!! Already subscribed to Bargainmoose emails!
  • donna l.
    I love the Butterfly Garden pattern! I subscribe to Bargain Moose e-mails
  • Michelle
    Girl Power
  • Paula
    Helga the Hippo! So cute!
  • Cheryl
    perch peeps and polly PENGUINS...just cause its a snow day
  • Carrie
    I love Penny the Peacock
  • Carrie
    I subscribe by email :)
  • Jessica
    Regal Bullseyes are my fav! I subscribe too :)
  • Linda
    I love the Very Baby!
  • Lisa H.
    I love the Sunshine Argyle!
  • Val
    Candy Argyle!
  • Stephanie
    Love that Go Go Gecko. If my kid's not wearing them, they might end up as mama's arm warmers.
  • Sarah
    I love the Butterfly Meadow ones.
  • Dawna A.
    I absolutely love the Regal Bullseyes !!
  • Lori
    Look at me!
  • Kate
    I love Nature Walk, but lots of them are super cute!
  • Amy
    Black Cabaret. All the leggings are super cute!
  • Mandy
    Go Go Gecko are too cute. My daughter is really into lizards and stuff right now
  • Candice
    Penny the Peacock! ( They need some with owls, too! )
  • Erin
    Regal Bullseyes...I love dots!
  • Deirdre
    I heart Gigi the Giraffe
  • Kathy
    I love Dino Beebee!!
  • kim
    Penny the Peacock!!! Already bought a pair for my little birdie, but would love to win more!
  • Marta
    Go Go Gecko!
  • Pat
    perch peeps and penguins are the cutest!
  • Adam
    Well I think my god daughter would love the Go Go Gecko
  • Sharon
    the retro bullseye ones are cure
  • Allana K.
    Very Baby is Very Cute!
  • Karen
    gigi the giraffe
  • Michelle
    Penny the peacock is so cute!!
  • Jess
    I found out about Agoo from this site and love the leggings for my little one. Girl Power would be my new favourite. Pink and purple for my little one, can't go wrong with those!
  • Patricia
    Love the retro bullseye. Also love the Tushie Huggers.
  • Andrea H.
    Love them all but the retro bullseye is my fav
  • Katie
    Ed the Elephant!
  • Sue M.
    Love Girl Power.
  • Christina
    Falling Stars! Love it! Actually love a whole bunch of them!!
  • Brett
    Kick Back for sure!
    I love the "Look at Me" stripes. So girly!
  • Bonnie
    So many to choose from and I like them all. I think Gigi the Giraffe is my fav!
  • Chris
    Lavender Stripe, very very sweet!
  • natalie d.
    i love the butterfly meadow. too cute!
  • Kathy T.
    Nature Walk
  • Leslie
    very cute leggings! If i won the contest for my little ones, my first picks would be the Go Go Gecko and Regal Bullseye, hard to choose, they are all sooooo cute and fashionable! thanks for the entry!
  • Rhonda
    circus parade,super cute!
  • Eva
    falling stars! OMG they are so super cute!
  • Tracy
    I LOVE the "Look at me" leggings or my little girl!
    • Tracy
      "for", not or
  • sarah
    I'm loving the girl power one! If I win this I'd give it to my cousin who's 6 years old, she loves dressing up and looking cute and the colors are the definition of her girly style
  • Roxanne
    Candy Argyle
  • Alison
    can I pick them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl power would be my fave!
  • Christy
    Love the "look at me" leggings. My girlies would rock those!
  • Nicole
    I like the girls Candy Argyle! So cute :)
  • Saskia
    Love the Butterfly garden leggings, too cute for my twins!
  • NT
    Hmmm, difficult to pick one favorite. I think my daughter would like Helga the hippo the best.

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