Up to 20% off Rosetta Stone Software

Contrary to popular belief, when you buy Rosetta Stone, you don't actually get a stolen piece of the true Rosetta Stone. I know, I know, disappointing right? Wrong! You are wrong!! The Rosetta Stone Software is better than a highly illegal, smuggled chunk of the true Rosetta Stone!

There are 33 pieces of software available here in various levels and various languages. Some of the languages are

  • French
  • Russian
  • German
  • Farsi
  • Irish
  • Turkish

Those are only a few of the languages they offer. I think there are 26 languages available here, so you have a huge selection to learn from. There are two levels with two price points and discounts. The packs that comes with levels 1 - 5 are normally $499 but you get a 20% discount which brings the price down to $399.99. The smaller packs, the level 1 - 3 packs, are normally $399 but you can get them for only $369.99 after a 7% discount.

I've never used these programs, but there are tons of people who have and say they are very effective. The traditional way of learning another language was to take language courses or use language media like books or CDs. The problem is that language lessons with a real person are foolishly expensive and if you want the best experience you needed to shell out even more money for one-on-one lessons. You can always go the cheaper route and get books or CDs but these are not interactive and quite difficult to learn from. The Rosetta Stone software is a whole new way to learn a new language and, from what I hear, very effective.

Have any of you learned a new language from this software? Let me know in the comments below.

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