Agoo: 20% Off 4-in-1 Water Bottle Gift Set Coupon Code


I thought these were really cool when I saw them, so I wanted to share this little promotional coupon with you, and maybe you will find some use for it. Agoo just got in some 4-in-1 water bottle gift sets that at amazing. Why are they amazing? They can take your child from baby to middle school years with no problem.

In your kit comes:

  • Three lids: nursing nipple, sippy spout, sports top
  • 350ml BPA free stainless steel bottle
  • matching pair of bamboo leggings

To check out the Agoo 4-in-1 Bottle Gift Sets click here

If you want one, for two days only they are offering 20% off with coupon code!

  • Discount: 20% off
  • Coupon Code: 20offh2o
  • Expires: 2nd October, 2010

This is a really cool set and instead of buying new travel bottles when your child hits different stages this is your 'one-stop' bottle kit. I think it is a really nifty idea.


  • tanyaewa
    OMG! I loved the cute little set. I ordered one for a dear friend who has FINALLY received her adopted daughter after 8 years of waiting - they will LOVE this!@
    • Avigayil
      Thats wonderful! 8 years of waiting.. wow! Is that how long it is now?
  • tanyaewa
    Wow! I bought this last Thursday am and and it already arrived in Whistler on Monday! SUPER fast shipping - looks so cute too!
  • Danielle
    Anyone else having problems with the nursing nipple? No vent? Thanks

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