Inflatabull $79.99 @ Cabelas

20 April 2017
Inflatabull $79.99 @ Cabelas

We're seeing some fantastic inflatables with the summer approaching. The Intex Inflatabull is a whole other level of awesome and Cabela's has us covered for $79.99!

Who hasn't seen a mechanical bull and thought "how hard can that be?" but chickened out for fear of embarrassment, in front of a bar full of people or getting hurt? After many a bachelorette party, I just might be one of those scaredy cats but not for long!

Put this Bull in the pool or lake and the only thing you're going to hurt, is your sides from laughing!

Even though there's a good month before we'll be out in the water, I'm ordering now to make sure this tough guy arrives in time.

Free Shipping on orders of $99 or more. If you're close to a store location, you can Ship to Store with any order amount for Free.

Disclaimer: please play responsibly in any body of water. If you're not a strong swimmer, always wear some type of flotation device.

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  • Jessica L.

    We found them! Road trip to Cabela's?

  • Leann P.

    do you need one of these?

  • Lindsay J.

    Haha we totally need one of these!!

  • Melanie R.

    Haha I saw you guys talking about it :joy:

  • Karlee D.

    and please get this!!!!!

  • Alana R.


  • Janice L.

    There are certain "riders" that would just b hilarious lol!

  • Janice L.

    Haha you first my friend!

  • Janice L.

    New laugh Olympics competition lol

  • Heidi C.

    Funny thing is I can picture you on this

  • Cyndi D.

    we could get a whole herd and put electric motors on the backs......

  • Lani S.

    Ha first person I thought of too!! :horse:

  • Nancy S.

    Something for your pool?

    • Nancy S.

      Something fun for the PCPs.

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