Yikes! Look out for Mold in Tommee Tippee Sippy Cups!

Yikes! Look out for Mold in Tommee Tippee Sippy Cups!

Moosers, first off, I'm sorry about the gross picture, but can you imagine your children drinking out of sippy cups like these? If your child drinks from sippy cups, it's important for you to know that customers are reporting mold problems with their Tommee Tippee Sippy cups. One particular customer is even reporting that her son developed an upper respiratory infection after using the cups!

As you can see from the picture, the inside of the valves are full of mold. These valves can't be pulled apart to be washed them without breaking them. Some parents are reporting that their children were getting sick every time they drank from their Tommee Tippee cups. The parents checked the valves and and found mold after cracking them open with a hammer or a screwdriver.

Here's the super scary part: these kinds of valves are used in many different sippy cups! My son had a bunch of sippy cups with the same kind of valve, what is to say they didn't have mold in them? Water gets trapped in the valve even when you wash it, and the trapped moisture creates mold. So scary! Check your sippy cups, Moosers.

Tommee Tippee has addressed the problem on Facebook, offering clients two options: a transparent, replacement valve that can be easily cleaned or a completely new cup. If you own a sippy cup by Tommee Tippee with a valve like in the picture, make sure to stop using it and to call 1 (877) 248-6922 to get a replacement part or a new cup.

Moosers, have you ever found mold in your child's bottles or cups?


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