Three Year Old Chokes on Kinder Surprise Toy in France?!

Three Year Old Chokes on Kinder Surprise Toy in France?!


The U.S. has banned the famous Kinder Surprise Eggs for years now, and after a tragic event involving a three year old girl other countries may follow suit. The three year old girl from France is said to have choked to death on a toy from a Kinder Surprise Egg. Do you support this ban? Why or why not?

The Mirror newspaper reports that the three year old girl was with her mother when the incident happened. She had placed the wheeled toy in her mouth and proceeded to choke. It then became lodged in her airway which prevented her from breathing. This is definitely a tragic incident, and while it makes me very sad I am glad to hear that the company who owns and manufactures the Kinder Surprise Eggs will be in full cooperation with the investigation. It has not been fully determined if the toy was, in fact, from a Kinder Surprise Egg. I am sure it will be a short matter of time before we get the results.

I definitely think small toys like this should be kept away from children 3 and under. Toddlers have a habit of placing things in their mouth, and I would be destroyed if something like this ever happened to my child. They say that choking is one of the fiercest hazards with children, and now we have one more thing to worry about. Kinder Eggs happen to be one of the most popular treats, too. My son watches hour long YouTube videos of Kinder Eggs being opened, but now how am I supposed to be comfortable letting him have the toy as a treat?

Moosers, what do you think should be done?


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  • heather
    Parents have responsibility to ensure that their children do not get things that are dangerous to them. There are so many things that a child can choke on for example: lego, grapes, goldfish crackers. We can't outlaw everything there is individual responsibility. Just like cleaning agents can kill but we need to supervise children to ensure that this does not happen.
    • witchblade
      I blame the parents. Even LEGO are too small for three years old.
      • Stephen
        No, don't support it, It's up to the parents to parent their children. No more stupid than putting warning labels on the containers with the laundry detergent pods saying their not candy, while to have a warning label is good, do you think that a young child who gets a hold of it can read that? Its up to the parents to make sure these things are out of the kids reach, today is all about blaming someone else when a parent fails at parenting.
        • Sue
          Silly to ban - then lets ban marbles, McDonald's Happy Meals toys, and the like...?
          • Chill K.
            So stupid to ban over one parents stupid decision to give their toddler a small toy.
            • Christine
              Ouch! Be kind to this mother who just lost her child, for goodness sake! I support the ban. I mean, it is a small, choking-sized toy hidden inside candy meant for a little kid. Come on.
              • Nicole
                This seems a little ridiculous. Obviously a terrible tragedy. But, looking at what actually happened she did not eat the toy because it was hidden in chocolate. She ate it after she had taken it out of the chocolate, opened the plastic egg and swallowed the "wheeled toy." That can happen any time a kid that young has something that small. And if we are banning everything small why not ban legos too, lots of kids choke on those. Or watch batteries, or shopkins? Lets just ban every single thing that can fit through a toilet paper tube. Why not ?