More Money-Saving Articles Coming Soon...

More Money-Saving Articles Coming Soon...

To date here on the Bargainmoose blog, we've mainly focussed on day-to-day Canadian deals with a few longer articles thrown in now and again. However, we want to make these money-saving articles a more regular feature.

Over the next couple of weeks on Bargainmoose, we are going to be introducing you to some new authors. These authors will specifically be writing some in-depth money-saving, financial and frugality articles, on a wide range of consumer topics.

When you see some new posts from new faces, please leave a comment to welcome them to the site, and give them a little feedback on their work. We hope you'll have fun reading their posts on money-saving, plus get some new ideas for helping you manage bills and be more frugal where needed.

Also, if you've got any ideas in mind for articles you'd like to see, or series you'd like us to start, please drop us a line and we'll throw the ideas to the new writers. :)

(Thanks real00)


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