Moms World-Wide Want To Ban Toddler & Infant Ear Piercing - What About You?

Moms World-Wide Want To Ban Toddler & Infant Ear Piercing - What About You?


"To pierce, or not to pierce?" - that seems to be a baffling question for moms allover the world. When it comes to infants and toddlers, should ear piercing be banned? Parents allover the world are petitioning to stop the trend of baby ear piercing.

At one point in time it was completely normal to have a little girl's ear pierced. Actually, it was pretty much expected. Now it seems moms allover the world are against this previous fashion trend. Some moms state that ear piercing is pure "child cruelty", but the issue has been debated for quite some time. Girls can have their ears pierced at the hospital almost instantly after birth in different cultural places like South America, India and Egypt. Here in Canada, our little girls will need their two month shots before most piercing salons will go through with piercing her little ears. Most Canadian and US medical experts will agree that the procedure is safe and has the same pain threshold as an ordinary vaccination needle. However, there are risks that the piercing can get an infection - but that could easily be treated.

I think some people find a baby with pierced ears is abhorrent. Parents allover the world have been finding that piercing their little ears would be similar to getting a tattoo or circumcision. Some feel the decision should be left to the child - when they are old enough to maturely decide. Are you comfortable making that decision for your child, or should the ear piercing be left for their teen years? Other parents say that they can't imagine putting their little girl through that pain for vanity reasons, which I can agree with. I myself sob when my son cries from the pain of a vaccination needle. Do you feel that piercing their ears is severe pain and fear that is inflicted unnecessarily? Kim Kardashian didn't feel it was unfit to pierce her baby daughter's ears. Baby North sports big gold earrings - as a gift for her first birthday.

I have personally had my ears pierced since I was about 4 months old. I have two sets of earring holes in each ear, too. I can't remember any pain associated with my earrings, even as a young child. It was just the norm for me. I love wearing earrings now, but I honestly don't know if I would pierce an infant's ears.

So Moosers, should ear piercing for babies and toddlers be banned? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • Avigayil M.
    No banning. I don't think the state should be able to tell us what to do when it comes to personal matters like who to marry, how to have sex, what to name our children, and whether to pierce their ears. While it is under the guise of 'protecting freedom' it actually is restricting freedom. Individuals do not exist apart from a family unit. Humans are not each an island unto themselves. Family matters. Families make decisions that will affect the entire family: where to live, school to send children to, what kind of car they drive, etc.In the grand scheme of things - pierced ears is such a minor player that rarely affects the potential future of a child.
    • Crossy
      How is this relevant to a website for Canadians wanting to save money? I disagree with a post that seems to be deliberately attempting to stir up controversy
      • Mouse h.
        I don't think infant piercing should need to be banned; it should die its own death. If parents want the freedom to pierce heir infants' ears, they should first be aware of possible metal or other allergies as a result of too-early piercing. There's also the possibility of cartilage damage, and deformities from bad piercing. If the parents still want to pierce their kids' ears after being informed, I guess there's no law against being ridiculous. Just pray the child doesn't resent what the parents had done to them.
        • Julie
          I don't think it's up to the parents to decide whether or not to pierce their little ones ears. I think the child should make that decision themselves!
          • Eva W.
            I personally think it should be banned as it is a form of mutilation and the child should be able to decide when they grow up if they want to change their body in that way.
            • Mei
              I don't think it should be banned but I do believe the child should make the decision once they know how to take care of their ears if an infection should arise.
              • ben
                This content, while interesting, is not why I come to this site, and dilutes your brand. Just expressing my opinion - Less editorial & more "bargains" please.
                • Johnson
                  Are you serious? Stick to the bargains Brooke.
                  • kevynm
                    I remember having an argument with my SO & the doctor. They both thought is was normal so got my 3 month's old ears pierced. She's 7 years old now and still gets some rash/ infection near the pierced hole. Must be Banned, till the child grows up to take her own decisions.
                    • joy
                      As others have commented, what does this have to do with bargains, saving money or being a smarter shopper??? Peoples opinions on matters such as this don't belong here!
                      • Maegan M.
                        I dont think that there should be a ban, I think that it should be as it always has been, the parents choice. If your not comfortable then dont do it, simple as that. I had my ears pierced as a baby and I dont remember, my daughter does not remember and my son fell asleep during his unmedicated circumcision. He also does no remember.
                        • Cecilia C.
                          Just wondering what the comments would be if a parents choose to have the child's lip or nose pierced???