Magical Transformation Of Susan Boyle

Magical Transformation Of Susan Boyle

While I was browsing for deals on a few days ago, it seemed to think I would like a Susan Boyle CD and presented me with "The Gift" as a recommended choice. I've no idea why Amazon thought I would like this... they can't see my Youtube history, can they?

Anyway, it got me to looking at the cover, and there has been quite a transformation to old Subo!


I think it must be due to a bit of preening in real life as well as a healthy dose of photoshopping. There's been quite a bit of eyebrow plucking going on there!!

In case you're reading this and you don't know who she is, she became a worldwide youtube star last year for her surprising rendition of I Dreamed a Dream. Here's the video in question.

Anyway, sorry for the slightly off-topic post, I was just very shocked at the change on the album cover! Do you like the look?


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  • AnneV
    I'm just happy for her. Forget the looks and the transformation (although it was like turning a a can of pepsi into a glass of champagne), she's probably been wanting to perform her whole life and was marginalized because she didn't possess the 'cookie cutter' star qualities. Good for her. I still wouldn't buy the album though. Not my glass of champagne at all.
    • Kitty
      I think she looks good! Still has that personality...