Happy 5000th Post To Us


I just popped on to Bargainmoose this morning, and was getting some posts ready for you guys to read. I glanced at my "published" column in wordpress, and it said 5000! We're just published our 5000th post!! I thought it was a good cause for a celebratory post.

I'll also share this little picture with you too:


My friends made this, I couldn't believe it! They saw the rack in an antique store, bought it, and proceeded with a bit of crafting to make me the Bargainmoose logo from the top of the page! I love it!


  • Kim O.
    Awesome job. Happy 5000th post!!!
  • Cherilyn
    congrats anna! so glad i can come along for the ride!!
  • Jake
    cool...except that the moose wouldn't think losing its antlers is a bargain ;)
  • Lynne
    Congrats on your 5,000 post accomplishment; sounds like you have some cool friends!
  • Amanda
    Big congrats on the 5000th post!! Can't wait for the next 5000! =)
  • Sherry
    Big Congrats, Anna! You should be proud. Love the gift from your friends, whoever thought getting antlers as a gift would make a girl so happy? :)

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