GoGo SqueeZ Apple Pouches Recalled Due To Mold!!

GoGo SqueeZ Apple Pouches Recalled Due To Mold!!


Gross! These fruit pouches seem to be recalled so often, I am glad I never purchased them for my kiddo. Now the GoGo squeeZ brand Apple pouch products have been recalled due to a mold growth. How disgusting is that?! This product was recalled just a couple days ago and the hazard is Class 3. If you have these sitting in your pantry, bring them back or throw them out. Please don't let your child ingest that, even if it isn't harmful. There is a website listed below where you can get a voucher to get new product as well.

Materne Canada Inc is the actual company that owns GoGo squeeZ, and they have voluntarily recalled some of their fruit pouch products due to a microbiological mold growth. While the growth mostly does damage to the quality, it is not harmful for your child. I still would not let them eat it now that you know, but if you didn't know before then don't panic. The symptoms are minor but should be monitored of course.

Consumers should definitely not consume the recalled products that have best before dates between 12/4/15 and 3/4/17. You can visit GoGoSqueez.comto request a replacement voucher.

What do you think could cause such a problem at a large quantity like this? It must have been a faulty ingredient I would imagine. I really hope that not too many children have already consumed these products. We are led to believe these are a healthy snack option for our little ones, but left right and center they seem to be recalled for mold growth. Right now the GoGo SqueeZ Facebook pageis lit up with comments from upset parents. Last year they had a recall for mold, so this is the second time. Have you lost your patience with this company now?

So if you have these products, what should you do? The recalled products should be disposed of or returned to wherever you bought them from. Then you can follow the link above and get a voucher to replace the products if you desire. The recall states that if an infant or child has consumed the products, to be on the look out for symptoms which may include an upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. You can seek medical attention if you feel the need but it does not look like there will be any compensation for that.

This recall was actually triggered in the US but is Canada wide as well. Currently the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is doing an investigation which could lead to more of these products recalled so keep your eyes peeled.

Moosers, do you or anyone you know have kiddos that eat these GoGo squeeZ pouches?


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  • Saba A.
    Ugh I bought the organic apple last month! Still have half the pouches left...not seen any mold yet but now I'll check! Ewwww!
    • Mamaroo

      It's just the apple/grape and apple/pear blends. Not the organic pure apple. ;)

      • Kmac1

        actually, the organic ones have NOT been recalled. As a mum who's kids barely touches fruit and wot eat veggies we use various pouches for quick healthy snacks. I've done smoothies, made my own but she won't eat them. I was always warey of the pouches so I just squeeze a touch out first to be sure it looks "normal"! I've bought 1000's over the past 4 years and not one has looked or smelled off.

      • Kelly O.

        Seems like this brand is always having issues.

        • Patty B.

          Why ate we feeding out children this stuff...it's laziness. Children should be eating fresh homemade foods....

          • Robin M.

            Yes because every mom is a super mom who has time to spare to be able to make everything

            • Patty B.

              Do you cook dinner for yourself. Bake a potato or steam veggies for your dinner cook extra and mash them... not too hard... you can bake an apple in oven while baking chicken for dinner...

              • Jaylene B.

                Oh yes! I pick apples fresh from my orchard in the backyard with the copius amount of time I have. Then it's so easy to just peel them, core them, slice them, boil them, mash them, strain all the junk and put it to my glass (not plastic!) jar to feed my kid only to do it all again tomorrow.

                • Aline N.

                  There's no excuse to feed our children this fake food. What did our mothers feed us? Eating isn't new! If it's important to you, you'll make the time.

                  • Trina B.

                    they had glass jars of baby food when my mom was raising me.. its not a new thing. so maybe everyone should stop criticizing how others raise their own children.

                    • Anneke J.

                      To the people complaining: Do you work full-time? Are you a single parent? Do you work shift work? I'm all of those. My kids have only had these less than a handful of times but I feel like there's a lot of criticism here when you don't know someone's situation. Will you do the work of all this for a stranger? If the answer is no then it's BS to criticize. There's always a keyboard warrior. SMH.

                      • Carol R.

                        My mom fed us Spam cause it was good enough for our soldiers it was good enough for us. She mixed it with relish and put on sandwiches. She fried it in the pan with butter and served it with kraft dinner and canned peas for that extra nutrition. She did what she could. Leave all the moms alone.

                      • Diane G.


                        • France W.

                          This is a recall from October 2015. There is no other recall after that. http://healthycanadians.gc.ca/recall-alert-rappel-avis/inspection/2015/55536r-eng.php

                          • Bargainmoose

                            Hi France Walsh! It was posted on their Facebook page on March 5th. Have a nice day!

                            • France W.

                              There's a recall in the US. If there's a recall in Canada, it will be posted on the link that I provided.

                            • Kim M.

                              Eweee yucky

                              • Laura M.

                                Oh patty...blow it out pie hole....

                                • Marjorie T.

                                  J'ai jamais pris cette marque de sachets!! C'est dégoûtant c'est sur je. Achèterai jamais

                                  • Lorelei H.

                                    That is gross I would NEVER buy food package like that!