FREE Prescription Drugs For Young People In Ontario

FREE Prescription Drugs For Young People In Ontario

I should have my own hotline to the pharmacy with the amount of times my kiddos have needed antibiotics in the last year. There is good news for those of us with frequently sick kiddos. Ontario has announced a FREE drug plan for young people.

The FREE drug plan will cost the province $465 million each year and will cover prescription medications for most common chronic and acute conditions. There will be no deductible or co-payment and the FREE prescriptions medications will be available for all under 25s regardless of whether they have private insurance coverage.

The plan will be especially helpful for families with young people who are not covered under private insurance plans nor the Ontario Drug Benefit program for social assistance recipients.

The FREE prescription plan is set to start on Jan. 1.

I guess the next round of strep throat will be marginally more enjoyable for our family.


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  • Delee B.

    Oh election time must be near. The promises they are a comin.

    • Marlene P.

      I agree delee

    • Robert R.

      Millionaires must be happy

      • Laura D.

        This should be for seniors, not children.

        • Elizabeth W.

          Seniors already have it

          • Laura D.

            Seniors don't get free prescriptions. I know lots of seniors that have things that aren't covered.

            • Margaret P.

              Most of the common drugs are covered. Depending on income there may be a $100 deductible and they usually pay dispensing fees ($2-7). My mom's meds would cost her over $400 per month but she only pays about $5 in dispensing fees (and she already paid her deductible).

            • Dianne V.

              come to ontario everything will be free soon,free money free drugs but who is paying for allthese freebies,the struggling working class