Extreme Couponing!

Spotted this video over on the savemoneykootenays blog, and I thought it was quite interesting for you coupon lovers:

That's extreme couponing!

I do use coupons quite a bit, but that lady is a coupon and stock-piling master!


  • Fay. H.
    Wow... her cupboard is so full, even the boards are caving in the middle @,@ But buying so much = need a lot of room. Most people probably wouldn't want to have that much laying around.
  • Tracy
    Unfortunately this is much harder to do in Canada, especially in more rural areas :( I can barely find coupons.
  • Anna
    Yeah, I saw her creaking cupboards Fay!! I agree Tracy, it's definitely easier for those of us in major cities.
  • anna
    i remember seeing a similar extreme couponing on wife swap - and they too were from the states it's crazy just looking at their stockpiles!
  • Joy
    Many stores there also offer double and triple coupon days. I find many of the coupons I get are for things I never buy. I must say though that I do love the coupons for those free airfresheners. Some of them are $10. How many people does she have that she needs so much TP for?
  • Susan K.
    There aren' t many places in Canada that accept coupon stacking - I've heard that London Drugs does but we don't have one near us. I do save quite a bit just by using coupons I find online, in flyers and instore. Makes me plan a bit but every little bit saved helps and it's a great feeling to use a coupon that gets an item for free.
  • Amber
    Yeah, you don't see a lot of that in Canada, especially since few stores accept coupons. I went to a Wal-Mart once and they didn't accept couponds, but my girl friend went to another (bigger) Wal-Mart and they accepted. I don't really use coupons, except maybe at Shoppers Drug Mart, only because I know for sure that they do. We, Canadians, don't go through all that trouble unless we know for sure and it's convenient. Imagine if Canada had stores everywhere that allowed coupon stacking--- crazy!! Another reason why I love Canada.
  • Michelle
    I love coupons but I moved to Canada from the States a little over a year ago. Does anyone know where to find coupons if at all and what places accept them?
  • mel d.
    I've seen some of these women and their extreme stockpiling. Are they ever going to use all that??? Its kinda wasteful if you really think about it. I have an idea!!! Since they have this amazing skill for "couponing" and they are getting all these things practically for free....Instead of stockpiling, why don't they give the extra stuff to the FOOD BANK or some other charity. I often do that will BOGO coupons or when Real Canadian Superstore has some of their no name food on very cheap; I buy it and put it in the food bank basket. Pay it forward. Live simply.
  • Joy
    Pretty much all the grocery stores accept coupons. Walmart has always taken them when I have tried. Some stores however don't like the ones from places like save.ca. Also many times when you get the free item ones I have seen Canadian tire put up signs and say they won't take them. I don't know why, they get the money back plus some from the companies.
  • Anna
    @ mel - I can't speak for everyone, but people usually only stockpile those good that have a longer shelf life. In particular, dried foods, toiletries, canned goods. So, in my opinion, I don't see it as wasteful. And I have also met some people on the internet who use their coupons to donate to charitable organisations. Whenever they see a coupon that enables you to get something for free, they get a 2nd and donate it to a worthy cause - I applaud this! :)

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