Coming Soon: It's The BIGGEST EVER Contest!

Hey Moosers! Guess what? It's competition time on Bargainmoose! Tomorrow evening, that's Tuesday the 22nd November 2011, we'll be starting the BIGGEST ever contest on Bargainmoose. We're giving away loads of prizes, and one super grand prize to top it all off.

Seriously, it's our

ever contest!

The contest is going to be running over the next 13 days... so please come back to Bargainmoose tomorrow evening to find out what we're up to! There's going to be deals, fun and frolics a-plenty!

See you then!


  • bisonandbeef
    OMG yes!
  • nat d.
    wooohooo looking forward to it!! thanks bargain moose!
  • madelyn
    oh, exciting. what could it be??
  • wendigirl
    cant wait..:)
  • Emma B.
    looking forward to it!
  • Linda P.
    Terrific! I would love to get a new laptop for Christmas! We'll have to splurge on new software for it too (of course). Merry Christmas!

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