BC May Raise Legal Age to Buy Cigarettes to 21

BC May Raise Legal Age to Buy Cigarettes to 21

Should the smoking age be raised to 21? BC's Health Minister Terry Lake is considering raising the province's smoking age from 19 to 21.

The legal age to buy cigarettes in Canada is determined by each province and territory. It is legal to buy cigarettes and other tobacco products in most Canadian provinces at age 19. However, in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Quebec, the legal age is 18. Some US states in have already increased the age to 21 including California and Hawaii.

It is theorizes with a legal minimum age of 21, those who can legally buy cigarettes are less likely to interact in the same social groups as high school students. The anticipated result is that teenagers would have less access to tobacco products.

Do you believe that raising the legal age to purchase tobacco products to 21 will reduce smoking rates amongst teenagers?

Do you think that teenagers who want to smoke will still find a way to access tobacco products despite raising the legal age?


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  • Barb O.

    You can join the military at 18 and possibly die defending ur country but yet you can't buy cigarettes!! Kids learn about smoking by watching their parents!! Stupid law!

    • Cheryl A.

      Driving and drinking should also be raised

      • Stop p.

        Throw the book at anyone who drink and drive :(

        • Cheryl A.

          I know but still the age for these luxuries should be raised to 21 I know it's not all kids but at least they have time to grow up abit and become responsible