Baby Moose

Hi everyone

Just wanted to let you guys know that the deals on Bargainmoose won't be quite as frequent as normal for the next few days or so. I've just had a baby girl, so she's kind of taking over my life, as you can imagine!

My co-author Yanyi will be trying to keep you up to date with a few deals, and I hope to get the service back to normal as soon as I can!

Thanks for your support everyone.



  • Natasha
    Congratulations! Can't wait to see what deals you score for her!! Yay!!
  • Jane
    Congrats - its a wonderful ride and your life with her will just get better and better!
  • crystal
    YAY!!! Congrats :)
  • Samantha
    Congratulations.....such fantastic news! Wanted to let you know I check your sight it! Thanks for the great work
  • No N.
    congrats anna!
  • Two K.
    Many, many congratulations, Anna!!
  • Wizards M.
    CONGRATS!!!! Being a mom is fantastic!! Although it might not feel like it at 3:00am ENJOY!!
  • Jackson
  • Suba M.
    Congratulations Anna!!! Enjoy your baby :)
  • Canadianmama
    Wonderful news - congrats!!
  • jenny
    Congratulations Anna, that's awesome news!!! Hopefully you'll share pictures and details with all your bargainmoosers;) Enjoy your bundle of joy, your life is about to get busier!!
  • Momma22
  • Kim
    Congratulations on your baby moose!
  • Jen
    Congrats on the baby!
  • nina
    Wow, congrats! Best wishes for a thrilling and rewarding journey!
  • Debbie C.
    Remember, the best is still yet to come! And Costco has the best deals on diapers once she's into a size 1-2!!
  • Caitlyn
    Congratulations! I agree with Debbie, Costco diapers are a great deal :) Enjoy your little bundle!!
  • Pat M.
    Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl! How fantastic is that! Being a mom is the best job in the world!
  • cher s.
    huge congrats Anna. how exciting!
  • Julie
    Awesome! I'm sure all the Bargainmoosers out there will love to see pictures of your new baby girl! And yes, being a Mum is the best job in the world - enjoy every moment! :)
  • laura
    congrats!! what did you name her?
  • Jennifer
    Congratulations... Enjoy every moment... They fly by...
  • Cheryl
    Congratulations on your new arrival. I have a 8 month old son and he has changed my life (and my husband's) a great way. Cherish every moment. They grow up so fast!
  • Julie
    Congratulation !!!
  • Valerie
    Congratulations Anna! Enjoy your new little one.
  • Amanda
    Congratulations!! :)
  • Linda W.
    Congratulations!!..........enjoy your little girl and some well deserved time off!
  • Cheryl
    Congratulations! Motherhood is such a blessing, and our little ones grow so quickly...cherish every moment you have with her (even at 3 in the morning)!
  • Donna
    Congratulations on the arrival of your little girl. What is her name? Enjoy every moment there will be plenty.
  • Anita B.
    Congratulations!!!! Enjoy the ride, it's incredible!!!! :)
  • Ali
    Congratulations Anna!!! Enjoy her (: Girls are the best.
  • Shannon M.
    congrats on the new baby!!!
  • Kris
    Congratulations! Baby girls are so much fun.
  • Christie
    Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! What an amazing and beautiful gift! Take care, look forward to an update. If you're looking for birth announcements, come check out my website! Christie at
  • Carol
    Congratulations. My daughter gave birth to her daughter on Tuesday.
  • Anne
  • Avigayil
    Congrats! Thats wonderful!
  • miscellanem
    Congrats! =)
  • Ella
    Congratulations Anna and family!!!
  • Jean A.
    Congrats Anna! Enjoy every minute!
  • Jeanette
    Congratulations Anna! All the best to you and your family's new baby moose!
  • Norine
    That's absolutely wonderful! Congratulations!
  • catia
    Congrats Anna! They grow up so fast, so try to enjoy every moment. And take lots of photographs! I look back at photos of my nearly-16-month-old baby girl, Leah, when she was a newborn and they feel dream-like (mostly because I've blocked out some of those harder early days!); I honestly can't remember her being so small! So enjoy it! (I know I miss it when I'm lugging around all 25 lbs of her, now!) ;o)

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