Sunrise Records: $10 Off Printable Coupon (Ont)


For our Ontario friends, a rare coupon from Sunrise Records! Get $10 off your $50+ purchase in store at your local Sunrise Records.

I am not familiar with this store at all, living in the West, so if our eastern Moosers could chip in a few words about Sunrise Record, that would be great!

Coupon valid from today through Saturday the 19th of March, 2011.

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  • JT
    Hey, Torontonian here, (and wannabe vancouverite) Welll, sunrise records is a great store to buy vinyl records, cd's dvds and get some good discounts as well. They price their items generally pretty fairly, with a special buyer loyalty card ($10) that will get you large discounts and savings on many items in store and lasts for a year. Well worth it for returning customers. They also have some cool memorabilia, special editions, and kitschy knicknacks as well. Oh and they sell concert tickets! A pretty good store imo :P

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