Love Dreamer Canada: Liberator Love is Art Kit Was $98 | Now $50 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)


I found a really cool item that will make for a super romantic date with your partner this weekend at Love Dreamer. The Liberator Love is Art kit is a fully-equipped paint kit that will allow you to make love while also making art and without making a mess.  I think this is a unique idea, guaranteed to make his eyes light up! Regularly $97.95, it is on sale for $49.99. Normally, Love Dreamer has free shipping on $75, but right now they have free shipping on all orders, so this item will also ship for free.

Do I have you intrigued yet? Not only is this fun, it is something you could truly cherish forever.While I probably wouldn't hang up the finished product in my dining room, I think it might look nice in a bedroom. Only you and your partner can know how the artwork was made, but know that it was made out of your own passion.

The kit comes with:

  • 41" x 56" treated hypoallergenic white cotton canvas
  • 4oz bottle of non-toxic, washable paint (it says black, but the title says red, so I'm not sure which)
  • large plastic sheet to protect the room you are doing the deed in
  • two pairs of disposable slippers
  • body scrubber (which could be great for secondary fun)

I've been married for ten years and while I would say the passion hasn't died, being with someone that long can make things monotonous and introducing ideas like this into the bedroom could really spark things up. I know my husband would be up for anything I introduced in the bedroom and this is no exception and doesn't cost a ton.

Last weekend we had a date night out where we each did a painting and drank wine. That alone cost over $200. This sounds just as fun (if not more) and is much cheaper, plus, we don't need a babysitter!

I found this kit selling in the U.S. for varying price points, minimum $60 USD. I also found it on selling for $59.

Bargainmoosers, what do you think of making love while making a painting? Love this idea or are repulsed? Let me know in the comments below!

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