Pay What You Want for $157 Worth of SciFi & Fantasy eBooks!

19 October 2012

HumbleBundle makes me so happy I want to punch a clown right in the face for not bringing the same level of cheer to me. That's right, I will cause physical harm to performers who are loved by children far and wide, just because they can't make me as happy as HumbleBundle does!

So HumbleBundle is just about the greatest thing around. Basically, they get a bunch of content producers (traditionally mobile app devs) to donate content (traditionally mobile apps) to them so their apps can be sold with the money given straight to charity. This is a little bit of a different HumbleBundle because they are featuring $157 worth of DRM FREE eBooks!

Specifically they are offering SciFi and Fantasy eBooks. You get five books, but if you donate above the average price of, as of this writing, $13.74, you get seven more books. These aren't your piddling 99 cent amateur Fantasy books like the stuff I write, oh no, this is high end stuff. We're talkin' about the likes of Bacigalupi, Scalzi and Doctorow. Not enough? Hows about I hit you with a little Gaiman and McKean! BOOM! K.O.'d!

Another great feature is that you can split where the money goes. You can give it all to the charity, all to the authors or all to the (non=profit) HumbleBundle people. You can also split it between all three and within there, you can break it up more. Really like Gaiman? Give him 50% of your money. Like Cory Doctorow and the EFF, split it 50/50 between the two. Wanna stick it to the authors and their charities!? Give it all to the HumbleBundle!

Also, I'm going to call this one right now: BargainMoose's Benevolent Dictator for Life, Anna Waters, is going to buy this. Anna, let us know in the comments!

(Expires: 24th October 2012)

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  • Bluenoser
    Brilliant! Thank you for sharing this.
  • Tiggrr
    Thanks so much for sharing, what a great idea!

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