HMV Canada: $10 Off $50 Printable Coupon


A rarity, we have a coupon for HMV! This little piece of paper will get you a sweet $10 off $50 on Saturday, November 13, 2010 ONLY. Yup, one day to save on your purchase! Thank you to Mooser Lara for sending us this deal!

The exclusions are listed on the coupon, though their aren't many. It pretty much works on anything that isn't a gift card or like a gift card. So, looking to get the latest season of your favourite TV series? Maybe two? Just print, bring, and submit this coupon to your local HMV and presto: your purchase is $10 to the minus sign.


  • Brad
    Hi Guys, This is an awesome deal, think of all the great games that just came out like Call of Duty Black ops that you can save $10 on I have started doing a lot of shopping at hmv in the last 6 months and I can tell you it is the best place in town for entertainment product. Great staff and Great prices (You should check them out, I have got better prices from hmv the last 3 games I bought then going to EB or Future Shop....
    • airdom
      Well actually, Black Ops is 5$ more than every other major retailer. I was thinking just like you! Guess we'll just get it 5$ cheaper because of that. And HMV apparently doesnt price match...
  • maggie
    Wish I'd known about this before we bought Goldeneye. :)

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