Blockbuster Canada: Entertainment Pack


This is a cool little pack for movie watching buffs. For $21.99 you can get an entertainment pack for Blockbuster that evidently offers you $485 in savings. That is a lot. I'm not sure what all is in the pack but we do know two things:

  • Free $10 Reloadable Blockbuster Entertainment Card
  • Free 1 Month Blockbuster Favourites Movie Pass

Those two alone are worth close to $20. There are 40 coupons in this book, so a pretty decent grab.

You can check out the deal HERE but it looks like you will need to buy this in store.

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  • Jason
    The 1 month favorites pass is a membership they have that gives you as many Favorites rentals (not new releases) as you can watch in one month for 9.99 / month. This is a one month free test for it. So if you get one movie a day for 30 days essentially it is worth over $100 just for that.

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