AMC Theatres Coupon: Free Drink With 2012 Movie!

15 November 2009


This is a free coupon for those of you who live near a branch of AMC Theatres Canada. If you are planning on seeing the new movie "2012" print the coupon and take it with you.

The free coupon entitles you to a free medium drink when you present your ticket stub.

I'd actually never heard of this movie when I found the coupon, so I looked it up on IMDB. It's got a fairly decent score, but it has John Cusack in it, which is a reason to make me go!

Expires 24th December 2009.


  • Liana
    Thanks! I'm seeing this movie tonight so I'm glad you posted this before I leave! Yay for saving!
  • Anna
    How was the movie Liana?
  • Liana
    I really liked it! The special effects were amazing! You'll be in the edge of your seat. I knew I was! However, there were some cheesy parts and you'll wonder why they had to put it in the movie! But overall, I found that it was really good. =)
  • Liana
    BTW, I guess I should mention this. If you pick up a tribute magazine (the one with the Twilight cast), there is a $10 off for every $50 spent at Aeropostale. You can reuse this card again and again stating from Nov. 30-Dec 24.

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