Fenigo: 10% Off Exclusive Coupon Code


I ran across Fenigo while looking for lunch bags, you have heard that one before! Yes my long pursuit for making my lunch more eco and transportation friendly. They are a Canadian company that have EVERYTHING you could possibly need for your lunch.

So I talked to the owner and she was so kind to give us a 10% off exclusive coupon code just for our readers!

  • Discount: 10% off
  • Coupon Code: BMSPECIAL
  • Expires: 25th, October 2010

So that is 10% your entire order for one whole week!


Now for my list of favourite items!

  • Goodbyns: I adore Goodbyn lunch boxes. Tending towards the minimalistic side I love the fact they have a place for everything in one cool container (with or without ears) and that the items wont mix! You have 5 different shaped compartments for all your food sizes. I decided when I saw these on another site a while ago that I would get one, but they were always sold out. But here they are in stock, plenty of colours to choose from and just the greatest lunch organizer out there (in my opinion).
  • Built NY Products: I just love Built NY products. My favourites are the bottle holders made for baby bottles and smaller water bottles as well as the similar 20oz holders. I also just adore the lunch totes, made with neoprene the wetsuit material so they are highly insulated and wonderfully stretchy. They have 4 different types, the: Fugu | Gourmet | Tasty | Verve. They also have the every cute Munchlers for kids.
  • Bento Boxes: I Have never used one of these, but they are so compact and cool, I figure they must be awesome. I had a friend who swears by them.
  • Laptop Lunches: Never before had I heard this till I visited Fenigo. Laptop Lunches are pretty much american style Bento boxes. They are designed to make prepping lunch easy, the containers are reusable, come complete with utensils and a helpful guidebook. They come in an array of cool colours too.

So those are the products that awed and inspired me. Check out their website and take advantage of our Moosclusive deal!

Edit: Got a note from the owner of Fenigo and she mentioned a contest you can enter for a great prize package! So: to enter the contest visit their Facebook page HERE!



  • sunshine
    i'd shop there, but the site is so overwhelming! ahh! ..lol
  • Heather H.
    I've shopped with Fenigo many times and love the products. Highly recommended.
  • Tricia
    Just placed an order for two Laptop Lunches. Can't wait to be rid of the storage containers and zippy plastic bags!! They take up room and end up in the garbage.
  • Tricia
    Well, I placed an order on Oct 23rd and realized that it hadn't been delivered on Nov.3rd, well past the expected date. I sent an email to Jana at Fenigo who promptly replied that she was checking into it. Sure enough, my package was delivered this morning, Nov. 5th. The package had a Canada Post label dated Oct. 26. This in no way soured the experience with Fenigo. In fact, I am so pleased to have received such prompt and pleasant customer service. Thank you Jana! Tricia

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