Beyond The Rack Canada: Big Boss Juicer Only $49.99 (Save $80)

26 February 2013

The Big Boss juicer is now only $49.99 at Beyond the Rack Canada, regularly $130.

I've actually never seen a juicer so cheap before. This same juicer is $79.99 on Amazon right now. If you don't have a juicer and are looking for ways to be healthier or lose weight, this is a great tool. I have a juicer and use it to juice fruits and vegetables and create custom blends. It is great for kids who won't eat their veggies, because you sneak one or two in there with the fruit and they won't have a clue. I find this much easier to do with a juicer than with a blender, because a blender still leaves chunks or pieces of the greens. The juicer basically obliterates it so all you have is juice and when you add a red or orange juice you can hide the green easily. They say it is great for making baby food too.

What's great about juicing for adults is that it is so easy to do, so if you have a hard time finding time to make yourself a healthy snack, this is great because you can pre-make yourself a juice in virtually no time. You can drink it on your drive in to work, which is much easier than eating a veggie plate while driving.

The Big Boss juicer has a 700 watt motor with 18,000 RPM stainless steel blades. It has two speeds for either soft or hard produce and an extra large feed tube so you don't have to do very much cutting before shoving the fruit and vegetables in to be juiced. The best part? You can throw it in the dishwasher when you are done.

There are many, many reviews for this juicer online and most are great. The consensus is that this is a powerful, easy-to-use budget juicer.

Shipping is $11.95 from Beyond the Rack, but if you are planning on making more purchases today, that shipping is free. If you have never shopped at BTR, make sure to use our Exclusive Coupon Code for a $10 credit.

(Expiry: 27th February 2013)

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