Walmart Photo Centre Canada: Compromise of Customer Credit Card Data


Walmart Canada's Photocentre is unavailable due to the potential compromise of customer credit card data. While Walmart Canada will contact customers that they have found to be impacted, I would still pay close attention to your credit cards if you have recently made purchases at or using the mobile app.

Walmart Photo Centre Canada has been closed for a few days now, and some of us were wondering why. Now, has posted on their website that their has been a potential compromise of customer credit card data. This data breach has involved Walmart Canada's Photocentre Website, and that means that will remain closed until the investigation is over.

Walmart Canada states that at this time they do not believe that, or in-store Walmart Canada transactions are affected. However, if you have made a purchase at Walmart Photo Centre recently, please pay close attention to your credit card and report and fraudulent use right away. As a precaution, Walmart Canada Photocentre's website and mobile app will remain closed while the investigation continues, just to be sure that nobody else has their information leaked. That is pretty responsible on their part. When Costco Canada and other retailers had a potential compromise of Credit Card Data they didn't close down until the investigation was over.

If you are concerned about anything or have any questions regarding this potential compromise, be sure to contact Walmart Canada Customer Service at 1-888-763-4077 which is a toll-free number. These compromises always scared me. Within a month of getting my first customer, someone had racked it up with online purchases fraudulently. Since then I have one credit card and I barely ever use it, especially for online transactions. I much prefer the use of PayPal as it makes me feel safer. I have talked to several people who feel the same way.

Do you know anyone who has had their credit card information leaked by Walmart Photo Centre Canada?

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