Walmart Canada: Ab Roller Only $30 (Was $40)

30 December 2013

ab roller

Are you looking at your post-festive eating belly and thinking you might need to do a little work on it? I sure am! The Ab Roller is not a new invention, but so many people use them at my gym for that extra resistance and keeping form, they must be great. Right now at Walmart you can get one for only $29.97, was $39.97.

What the Ab Roller does is support the weight of your head, neck and upper body so you can do an effective crunch, without yanking your neck. So many times I've seen people doing abs incorrectly, knowing they are going to feel that pain (not good pain) the next day. This Ab Roller has Pro Assist Spring attached to the headrest, which lets you give your workout a little boost. It can help you get through those last few crunches.

I tried to price compare, but there are actually many different ab rollers out there, which are completely different from this piece of equipment with the same name. I found this one at, which is the same, but priced at $37.99.

What I think is great about the ab roller is that it is easy to put away when not in use and is a simple and effective machine to target what I think is the most important part of your body - your core.

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