Vtech InnoTV - English Verison was $80 now $20 @ Walmart.ca

PicMonkey Collage Walmart is currently offering one of it's best deals on young educational toys in quite some time. This Vtech InnoTV was originally $79.96, but is now at the wildly low price of $20! Vtech is well known in the world of educational toys, and this InnoTV is a great example of why. With so many great and varied learning options, this toy is certain to to be worth it!

This Vtech InnoTV has great learning games that education your child in the worlds of languages, arts, math, science, and the list goes on! With an option for many players to use the device at the same time, you can join your child in the games, showing them just how much fun it can be!

I have to say that my favorite part of this toy is the multiplayer aspect. I've seen this over and over where a child won't want to play with something until mom or dad start to have a blast playing with them, and this allows for that, so easily!

Shipping at Walmart is free on orders over $50, and a flat rate of $4.97 for anything below that! You can also pick up this toy for free at your local Grab & Go locker or at your local Canada Post.

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  • Saron
    I was set to buy but then searched for online reviews. All are 1/5 stars. It's heavily discounted for a reason. Vtech got hacked a few months ago, and as recently as 2 weeks ago people are reporting that this device does not work. I love Vtech products but their customer service is non-existent, so buyer beware.
    • Alexa E.
      I also checked the site and there seems to be a lot of offline features, so it might still be worth it at $20! But it is too bad they don't mention that on the Vtech products, hopefully they make it up to customers that make purchases while their online system is down.
  • Dh
    This product is currently not working online due to vtech's security breach.
    • Alexa E.
      It seems that only the online system isn't working, there's lot of features offline also.
  • Chelsyna
    Like Saron, I looked this up. From the reviews I read, even the offline aspects aren't working as the first thing you apparently have to do to use it is a software update. And because of the breach and the system being down, that won't work either. And like other folks have pointed out, all the online features are not accessible. It seems like a good deal, but upon further investigation, likely won't be usable at all.

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