Thrift Store: Loonie Sale (Ontario)

Thrift Store

The Salvation Army Thrift Store has announced it's loonie sale where you can get shirts, skirts, pants and various other clothing items for your body for only a loonie! This seems to just be happening at the Ontario Thrift Stores from October 7 -8, 2010.

You also get 10% off if your a senior, so 90 cents!

In other Thrift Store news they seem to have got a delivery of NEW mattresses to stores across the country so anyone in need of a new mattress, you might want to check out your local store.

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  • Laura
    PLEASE, PLEASE, careful when buying mattresses!!!! Bed bugs are rampant in Ontario and New York right now (possibly elsewhere too). I'm not saying that these ones would have them... but once you have them...they are extremely difficult to get rid of. Just be can't see them on the mattress...they live IN the mattress.

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