Flash Sale: 70% Off Springwall Euro-Top Sleep Set @ Sears | Today Only!


Moosers! What a crazy deal this is! If you've been on the hunt for a new mattress, Sears has an incredible Flash Sale today on the Springwall 'Crystal' Euro-Top Sleep Set. Starting at just $227.99 for a twin, save 70% off the original price!

**Edit: thanks to Mooser, Chris, for pointing out that the current coupon code for $50 off $200 (941612558) is applicable to this Flash Sale saving you an additional $50 or, as Chris pointed out, essentially making delivery just $19.95! So don't forget to enter 941612558 at checkout and thanks again, Chris!**

The 70% savings is the same regardless of which size or type (Firm or Plush) you select. A Double Sleep Set is $269.99, regularly priced at $899.99.

Queen is probably the most common bed size for the average couple and during today's Flash Sale, the Queen Sleep Set is only $319.99. The everyday price of the set in this size is $1079.99! If you've got room for a King, even better! More square footage for the kids and the dog and cat, right? The King Sleep Set is $539.99, regularly $1799.99.

This mattress sounds heavenly. Each type has a 1/2" memory foam layerplus added BioComfort foam layers. The firm has 2 additional 3/4"  layers while the plush has one additional 1/2" layer. It includes a quality-made 9" box spring and 10-year warranty. Check out some more specs:

  • 10" thick continuous coil mattress with 14 1⁄2 gauge construction, double edge guards, twin with 418 coils, double with 608 coils, queen with 720 coils and king with 920 coils
  • Comfort layers include 1⁄2" Bio Trizone Visco memory foam, firm has 2 layers of 3⁄4" Percell® BioComfort™ foam and plush has 1 1⁄2" layer of convoluted BioComfort foam
  • Insulator pad, 2 quilt layers include 1⁄2" Biofoam™ and 20-oz. hollo fibre
  • Made in Canada using domestic and imported components

If you wake up tired and achy and sleep better away from home, it's probably time to replace your mattress. The average (recommended) lifespan is about 10 years; 5-7 years as we get older because our bodies tolerate less pressure.

There is one review of the mattress set at Sears.ca and it's a 5-star. The writer is very pleased with the quality and states that it was even made-to-order based upon the manufacturing dates on the tags being the day after he purchased. What service!

Even though Sears usually offers free shipping on orders over $49, this large an item does not qualify. I was quoted almost $70 (I believe their standard truck-delivery charge) which, all in all, is still an amazing deal but if you have the means to transport it, you'll definitely want to opt for the free pick-up at your local Sears to maximize the savings!

Hurry, this sale ends tonight and I don't want you missing out on these prices if you're in need of a comfy new bed.

Which one are you going for, Moosers: Firm or Plush?

(Expires: 18th January 2016)


  • Chris
    was able to use this $50 off promo code: 941612558 - was happy to see I saved an extra $50 on top of the already low price. This will make delivery charge only $19.95!
  • Megan B.
    Amazing, Chris! Thanks for letting us know about the code! I was trying to get the post out quickly so they didn't sell out and completely forgot to see if any of the codes were applicable to such a great deal. I'm going to update the post for other Moosers. Very much appreciated!
  • Anett
    I really want to order it but it only has one review I wish I knew more people who could give feed back. What is Sears return policy when it comes to mattresses?
    • Brooke W.
      Hi Anett! I have heard both positive and negative things about the Sears return policy - but this is a great deal for sure.
  • Jill
    Thanks for the heads up for the $50 coupon, I had already placed the order but did another with the coupon - brought the price down to 252.39 for double ( I will pick,up). When I get both e mails I will just cancel the first one...awesome amazing deal.
  • Kelly
    I grabbed the firm queen. I've had the same mattress (which I got used) for 15 years. I'm so excited!!
  • sandra
    Been looking for a new King mattress but can never justify the price. I also used the 50.00 off code and am even more excited. I should have grabbed the twin for my son.
  • Danielle
    The last time they had one of these 'sales' tons of people ordered and got an email after a week or two saying their order was 'not available' or it was a 'pricing error'. I received a confirmation email right after I ordered and everything, and didn't get the order cancelled until two days before the mattress I ordered was supposed to get delivered! Sears has horrible customer service too, they basically just told everyone it was a mistake and they couldn't do anything. There was hundreds of complaints about this on their facebook page. Just a word of advice, don't get rid of your old mattresses until the new one is actually delivered to your house!
  • Stephen
    I too purchased a set last time, and it was cancelled 2 days before the delivery date. Sears as a company sucks for customer service and has in my mind become the new Zellers. And Sears wonders why their sales are down every quarter.
    • Megan B.
      So sorry to hear such awful experiences. Let's hope they learned from last time!
      • Jill
        Sears hasn't learnt!! I ordered the double mattress set and got confirmation and now have just received e mail saying unavailable!!!! No offer of alternative. Do you think they honoured any orders for this deal?
  • Anett
    just picked up our king size mattress thank you for posting this great deal. I did not realize that it comes with box springs, which we do not use we have an European style bed (IKEA) :-) Still yet have to try it out but first impression is good. Sorry for you guys who received a cancellation email :-(
    • Megan B.
      So glad somebody had a positive experience! Thanks Anett!

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