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4 October 2011

(Bumping this Halloween Contacts post for 2011! I am bumping it quite early so as to give you plenty of time to make your online order, and give you time for it to arrive)

If you want to go that extra mile for your Halloween outfit this year, you should consider buying spooky Halloween contacts to add that final touch. I've compiled a list of a few useful online  Halloweencontact lens sellers, and some details about discounts, and shipping within Canada.

I've not included any novelty sites on here, just proper contact lens stores.

Eye1 Clearly Contacts Canada

A good Canadian online company that I know of is Clearly Contacts Canada.

Remember, there are often coupon codes which you can use to get extra discount too - here are all the ClearlyContacts deals I have posted on Bargainmoose. You should be able to score yourself at least 10% discount on the Halloween lenses. Some coupon codes might include free shipping too.


While I cannot see a dedicated Halloween section on their site, Visionpros sell Freshlook contacts if you just want a colour change.

If you're a new customer there, you can get $10 off and free shipping on a $149 spend with the coupon code WBNEW, or you can get an extra 5% discount on your order with the coupon code BARGAINMOOSE.

Non-Canadian Stores

Now, for a bit more choice you might be more inclined to try purchasing from US merchants. There are literally LOADS of US based optical stores, which will ship to Canada. Here's a bit of a rundown on what you need to know, about a few of the major US merchants. Just order early!

Eye2AC Lens US

AC Lens only sell a Halloween range of contact lenses. There's even an Edward Cullen!

At checkout, you can change the currency to Canadian dollars. Canadian shipping starts at $14.95.

Eye3Contacts America

Here, they have a range of Halloween, special effect, FX, theatrical and novelty contact lenses.

Shipping seems to start at $7.95.

Eye4Coastal Contacts US

Coastal Contacts is the US arm of Clearly Contacts. It might be worth using an exchange rate converter and see if you can get a better deal from Coastal Contacts than from Clearly Contacts Canada.

For shipping from Coastal Contacts, prices start at $10.95 for priority ground shipping.

Eye5Discount Contact Lenses US

Here, there's a Halloween page, with various styles and colours of contact lenses.

Canadian shipping starts at $9.95.

Eye6Lensmart US

There are a lot of Halloween contact lenses to choose from on Lensmart.com. They are a pretty major player in the US contact lens market.

Canadian shipping is $9.99. Orders over $99 can get 25% off and free shipping with the coupon code 25NEWLM (thought I don't know if the free shipping applies to Canada too).

Eye7VisionDirect US

Another US based company, Vision Direct also ship Halloween themed contact lenses to Canada. It seems to be the same company as Lensmart above!

Canadian shipping is $9.99, and it should arrive within 5-10 days. It must be an arm of Lensmart too, as the above coupon code also applies.

Eye2 Justlenses US

Justlenses is another US company which sells a wide range of fashion lenses too.

Shipping is a bit steep though, $24.95 with Fedex to Canada.

Eye3 Lens.com

This seems to be the same checkout mechanism as a few of the other sites. Shipping is $24.95 by Fedex too. Steep!

Note On Taxes

Because contact lenses are a prescription product, there is no sales tax, whether you are buying from Canada or the US.

(If you know of any more good contact lens stores that I should add to this list, please let me know)

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  • adam
    One website that is worth checking out is http://www.*****. They have over 200 costume lenses to choose from and are Canadian-based. You can also try on all the contacts virtually with your webcam or an uploaded pic. Go here to try them on: http://www.*****.com/ofx/tbyb2.asp The prices are very good and they are having 10% off all costume lenses till oct. 22. * Mod edit - removed link
    • Anna Waters EDITOR
      You work there?
      • adam
        Not exactly, but I am a fan... You should check it out.
        • Anna Waters EDITOR
          What does "not exactly" mean ?
          • adam
            I don't work there, but I know the people who run it.
    • Becci
      adam's links lead to generic parking page. o_O Not really a good sign.
  • monkeynclunky
    there is a reason why contact lenses are federally regulated medical devices. they should not be used as toys or make-up because there can be serious and irreversible side effects to contact lens complications. think about it - you are putting a foreign body into your eyes!!!!

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