Victoria's Secret Canada Sale Calendar: Guide for 2018

Victoria's Secret Canada Sale Calendar: Guide for 2018

If you're looking for the next Victoria's Secret sale dates, a sneak peek of their Semi-Annual Sale – or just a really great deal when you need new undies – you're in the right place!

Victoria's Secret Canada (sometimes just called Victoria Secret) doesn't really need much introduction. They're behind the iconic Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Victoria's Secret Pink and their Victoria's Secret models, but they're also one of the best places to score deals on bras, panties and lingerie – if you know when to shop.

So that's where we come in. We put together this Victoria's Secret sale calendar, so you can see a rundown of when all their major sales are happening, as well as every single promotion on now.

The Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale

Like the name suggests, the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale happens twice a year, and they're the kind of sales you'll want to drop everything to check out. VS usually holds one of them in June or July and the other in late December, and you can sometimes find markdowns up to 70% off. Make sure you shop these sales in-store or online as early as you can, because sizes sell out FAST.

Victoria's Secret Black Friday Sale

VS really does Black Friday right. They usually treat us to some incredible bra and panty deals, and you might be able to score one of their Victoria's Secret Black Friday totes, if you're lucky! Check back closer to the big day, because we'll post updates when we learn more about this year's sale plans.

And if you really can't wait until November, know that the Victoria's Secret PINK Friday Sale might be right around the corner! Every summer (usually around early August), they offer some pretty amazing deals on Victoria's Secret PINK gear. In 2018, leggings, tees and bras were included.

Victoria's Secret Cyber Monday Sale

The party isn't over when Black Friday ends! The Victoria's Secret Cyber Monday Sale is one of their biggest shopping days of the year, so you can expect to see some pretty awesome deals after Black Friday, like promo codes for HUGE discounts on individual items or even your entire order.

Victoria's Secret Boxing Day Sale

Last but not least is the Victoria's Secret Boxing Day Sale. It's also known as their Winter Semi-Annual Sale, and it usually runs from the end of December to early January. This is when you can expect to see some of their best discounts of the year – and a few giveaways – so it's definitely worth stopping by their store or site whenever you do your post-Christmas shopping.

Tips for saving money at Victoria's Secret

Build a Love List. If you create a Victoria's Secret account, you can also build a Love List of all your favourite things on their site. Just hit the heart button by a given item, and it'll track all your faves in a wish list – so you can check back and know as soon as everything you love goes on sale.

Use a coupon when you can. Victoria's Secret Canada coupons come out pretty frequently, so it's worth checking to see if there are any out there before you shop. You can see all the latest Victoria's Secret promo codes here.

Check out their sale section. In addition to their major sale events, Victoria's Secret Canada also has a pretty solid sale section available year-round. It's always worth checking out what's in there, since they restock it pretty regularly!

Change the currency to CAD. When you're shopping on the Victoria's Secret website, all prices are usually listed in USD. You can switch the currency to view prices in CAD, but just keep in mind that your order will be processed in USD.

Keep a conversion calculator handy. If you want to keep everything in USD, you may want to plug prices into a conversion calculator, since it can help know exactly how much you're spending if you convert prices to CAD as you shop.

Place orders over $100 USD. It can pay off to place one big order instead of a few different purchases here and there, because you'll score FREE shipping on orders over $100 USD! Otherwise, shipping to Canada is $10.

Which sale are you counting down until? What's the best deal you've scored at Victoria's Secret? Spill the beans in the comments below!


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