Jillian Harris Drinks Coffee While Pregnant, Internet Explodes!

Jillian Harris Drinks Coffee While Pregnant, Internet Explodes!

Canadian interior designer, lifestyle Queen and former Bachelorette, Jillian Harris is currently expecting her first baby (arriving this August!) and like all hard-working, pregnant, exhausted moms-to-be, she's pushing through her days and doing whatever it takes to get through what all of us who have been there know can be a very gruelling schedule. For Harris, survival means coffee!

Photo credit @jillian.harris on Instagram

After posting a picture of herself enjoying a cup of coffee on Instagram and then shortly after another picture of a fresh cup just sitting on a table, Harris faced a wash of a backlash from commenters telling her she shouldn't drink caffeine, or as one commenter posted, maybe even just as harmless tongue and cheek joke, "Easy on the coffee girl!"

Photo credit @jillian.harris on Instagram

Sensitivities can run high while pregnant and being in the public eye, with lots of people watching your every move, certainly doesn't make it any easier. Harris spoke to People Magazine about her frustrations shortly after the uproar saying,

"I'm like, well, first of all, it could be decaf. Second of all, I stopped drinking alcohol, I stopped partying, I don't do Botox anymore … I'm going to drink my damn coffee!"

She also left a message back to commenters on her Instagram page saying, "...I however am no idiot and obviously know all the do's and don'ts of being pregnant and plan to take very good care of myself and baby! ...In the topic of caffeine, my doctor has actually recommended a cup or two a day... Yes, I get advice from my doctor!!!"

I'm feeling Harris on this issue, my own doctor told me the very same thing during both of my pregnancies, saying I was completely fine to drink a cup or two of coffee a day, though for several months my morning sickness prevented me from even smelling it without getting sick! As soon as my sickness passed; however, I was back to my daily morning coffee—and an occasional afternoon pick-me-up as well.

Health Canada recommends that all women of reproductive age consume no more than 300mg of caffeine per day. While The March of Dimes says limiting to 200mg during pregnancy is safest but also points out that caffeine is present in several foods and drinks and that studies have been mostly inconclusive when it comes to understanding what, if any, adverse affects consumption has on unborn babies.

So, let's hear it! Did you consume caffeine while pregnant or choose to avoid it all together?

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  • mamaM

    I'm currently 39 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and drink a can of pepsi every other day or so. I am not a coffee drinker but will have tea or a French Vanilla now and then. I think the reason they say not to drink caffeine is you risk preterm labour. I'm at 39 weeks so I guess I've passed that risk. My first pregnancy I went by the book and didn't drink caffeine at all. Baby was fine and overdue. My second I had caffeine but limited myself and baby was a week overdue and healthy. 

    Definitely people are very opinionated about things, mainly those that just read stuff and dont need to work during pregnancy nor have other kids whilst pregnant nor have a Medical degree. I used to be one of those but now having 3 pregnancies, I'm all about do what you need to survive but ensure baby is healthy. Pregnancy is not easy when you have zero sleep and work full time and have 2 small kiddies. Sometimes a cup of caffeine or a can of cola is all that can get you through. 

    • Fiona T.

      I have 1 cup a day! I couldn't survive without it

      • Candy M.

        Drs say one per day is fine.

        • Deb S.

          You mean "internet TROLLS explode"! A cup or two is no problem... Instead let's worry about those who still smoke and drink while pregnant!

          • Tracylynn W.

            Haha and she brushes her teeth w toxins awww

            • Melinda W.

              I did

              • Carma K.

                I craved coffee when I was pregnant and drank it when ever I wanted!! Everyone should mind there own business!!!

                • Brenda F.

                  I get so tired of this fierce judgementalism all over the comment sections!! Everything in moderation....do what you feel is right. No one else's business.

                  • Jennifer M.

                    Yep, doctor said one or 2 cups a day was fine. Moderation is key, but who are we to judge.

                    • Dawn H.

                      It;s her pregnancy not our. I am sure her doctor knows. so why is this being brought up?

                      • Chantal G.

                        Drank coffee both pregnancies.

                        • Laurel A.

                          Couldn't even be around coffee. The smell made me sick.

                          • Chantal G.

                            The smell of folgers still makes me sick but I was fine once it was brewed

                            • Bargainmoose

                              same here until my second trimester. In fact that's how I discovered I was preggers this first time... suddenly couldn't force down my morning cup!

                            • Sam P.


                              • Lisa R.

                                Doctors at our family health team all agreed that its better for mama to drink her coffee within reason instead of going through withdrawl and getting nasty migranes and no!, babies dont go through caffeine withdrawl if you are moderate.

                                • Gail M.

                                  To me if you can stomach it why not. My stomach would turn so not for me I drank tea.

                                  • Talia B.

                                    People have too much time on their hands. Focus on stuff that really matters.

                                    • Elizabeth P.

                                      I drank coffee all through my pregnancies, as did my mom,, and those old perked on the stove ones, and we are were ok,, people need to get a life and look at their own, Maybe they might finds some flaws in their own, OMG,,

                                      • Marie-Josée V.

                                        I started drinking coffee when pregnant with my first child. I had terrible headaches into my fifth month, when our blood starts pumping more heavily and did not even want to take Tylenol; my doctor suggested coffee (dilates the vessels therefore pressure), the headaches stopped and I have been drinking coffee ever since! 4 healthy kids!

                                        • Lilli P.

                                          So what. Leave her alone to enjoy this time. Stress over rude comments is worse

                                          • Bargainmoose


                                          • Jackie T.

                                            Of course! In moderation

                                            • Michael K.

                                              My wife does. There's a lot worse you could be ingesting while pregnant.